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Laurel Hollow Seeks Clean Energy Community Designation
Local governments in New York State can use the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority's (NYSERDA) Clean Energy Communities program to implement clean energy actions, save energy costs, create jobs, and improve the environment.  Communities that complete 4 out of 10 "High Impact" clean energy actions will be designated by New York State as a Clean Energy Community and become eligible to apply for grants to fund additional clean energy projects.  The Village of Laurel Hollow is actively working on becoming a designated Clean Energy Community.

At their meeting on February 8, 2017, the Board of Trustees adopted a resolution that establishes a policy of energy benchmarking requirements for the Village Hall and Highway Barn and authorizes the use of the Unified Solar Permit Application for all eligible solar photovoltaic installations in the Village.  These actions document and continue the Village's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save taxpayer dollars through energy savings, and stimulate the local econonmy through investments in clean energy, and are two "High Impact" actions as noted above.  

In addition, village staff received free Energy Code Enforcement Training and an energy audit confirmed that the Village has seen a reduction in green house gas emissions resulting from clean energy upgrades already undertaken, including conversion from oil to propane heat and additional insulation at the Village Hall.  The training and green house gas emission savings qualify as two more "High Impact" actions and are part of the Village's efforts to be a Clean Energy Community.

Benchmarking reports and a link to NYSEDA's Clean Energy Communities program can be found below.