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Village of Laurel Hollow Implements Emergency Notification System - SWIFT911
In an effort to provide reliable and timely communication with its residents during an emergency, the Village of Laurel Hollow has retained Swiftreach Networks, Inc. as its 24/7 Emergency Notification service provider.

SWIFT911"™ is a high speed notification program with the capability of delivering recorded messages to the entire community, via telephone or email. We feel that it will be an invaluable method for getting information out to the entire village when severe weather or other dangerous conditions occur. It can also be used to provide information to a specific group of residents for such things as street closings, moorings, parking permits, dinghy/kayak permits, beach closings, etc.

  • Emergency information will be disseminated via phone, and all non-emergency information via email. Note: We do not plan to use TEXT messaging now, but may do so in the future.
  • The system can also be used to check on elderly residents who live alone. Swiftreach can call the person up to three times daily. If the person does not respond, a call will automatically be placed to a person of their choice. Please call the Village Hall at 516-692-8826 for more information.
  • To be sure that the system is effective, we will be discreet in our use of it.
  • All the calls you receive will have the Caller ID of the Village of Laurel Hollow, or in certain instances, the Cold Spring Harbor Labs because they are the administrator of the system.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You have the option to opt out of the system by clicking on Unsubscribe in the 'Portal Sign In' window, accessed through the Swift911 link.. However, if you choose to Unsubscribe, you will not receive any emergency information notices.
  • The information you provide for Swift911 is not accessible by public or outside entities.