Clerk / Treasurer Responsibilities

The Clerk / Treasurer has responsibilities as outlined in two separate sections of the Village Law of the State of New York.


The Clerk is responsible for maintaining custody of the Village books, records and seal, preparing and preserving the minutes of meetings, and maintaining resolutions and local legislation.  The Clerk is designated the Records Management Officer, Records Access Officer, Election Officer, Human Resource Officer and is responsible for taking and maintaining the Oath of Office of all other Village officials.


The Treasurer assists the Mayor in developing a spending plan known as the annual operating budget and is also responsible for investments, payment of vendor claims and payroll, bank deposits and reconcilations and prepared monthly and annual financial reports.

Additional Duties

The Clerk / Treasurer prepares tax bills based on mathematical calculations using the Nassau County taxable assessed values and the Village tax levy, and serves as the Tax Collector. In addition, the Clerk / Treasurer processes applications to the Planning Board, and applications for street opening permits, and is responsible for publication of The Lantern.